With every new season comes change. 

As we move into spring, the longer, warmer days tantalize us with what seems like endless possibilities. Unlike tumbling from fall into winter, where we retreat inward as the days grow shorter, darker, colder, spring propels out of hibernation, encouraging us to take in the light. 

It also reminds us that change is imminent. A seed sown in the cold earth breaks through the soil, shaking out its petals to greet the day after many months of slumber. There is new life around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.

We often see change as something that induces fear. A break in the comfort we’ve cultivated through years of living a certain way. But through these alterations, as we lean into the uncomfortable, we learn something. And as those changes stick, we adapt, form new normals. We grow and we become stronger.

Living through the pandemic has shifted our mindsets, forced us to pivot, and readied us for new explorations. In a way, the last two years have felt dormant – an extended sleep before we too could fully open ourselves to something new. But those changes, now loosening, are preparing us for new adventures within our new awareness. 

Our homes became our entire ecosystem – a spare bedroom became an office, the living room floor, a gym. Our inner circle and tightened with an increase of time on our hands. Yet now is the time to loosen that grip once again and venture out into new growth. It is time to plant new relationships, habits, curiosities and watch them bloom.

With the start of a new season, we can set the tone for the coming change ahead. Open windows to savor the smells of newly sprouted tulips, a fresh cut lawn, a neighbor’s barbecue. We’ll revel in a sense of freedom in the unknown, what’s waiting for us. 

Although not always apparent, there is joy to be found in every change. Take the road less traveled to see where you end up. Try that recipe you’ve had bookmarked for months. Paint a room to give it a fresh look. Say OK to starting a new hobby, even if seems daunting.

Most importantly, take a moment each day to reflect on what brings you happiness, then go after it. It’s never too late to embrace the change waiting at your doorstep – calling you to start anew.