Dr. Lanphear is a board-certified physician and member of the American Osteopathic Association. He has been practicing in the city of Newburyport – the city he calls home – since 1986. Let’s learn more:

Putting the Family in Family Practice

Dr. Lanphear is a husband of almost 36 years to his wife, Lyndi, and father to two adult children – David & Jennifer. He has always blended home and work life as the family has evolved to take on many different roles to put the family in family practice. Lyndi works to support administrative duties at their office building while David assists with IT/marketing and Jennifer helps with filing & office duties. 

Origin Story

Dr. Lanphear began practicing medicine as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Navy. It was in this capacity that he grew his appreciation for true family practice. Though many think of the military as focused on serving those with combat injuries (which was certainly part of the job), he is equally as proud of the 100’s of instances where he provided medical assistance to mothers in labor and the family care that began thereafter.

After 8 years of service, Dr. Lanphear “honeymooned” while stationed in Italy before retiring from the service and beginning a family of his own. He moved his new family back to his roots in New England and settled down in Newburyport where he fell in love with both the city and the small practice located in an old school house on Forrester St.

Soon, the practice outgrew the schoolhouse and needed additional space. In 2001 he opened the present office at 3 Cherry St and moved the practice into its new home.


Care for his patients has always been a primary concern, even when it involves tough love. The goal of each visit is to provide care based on sound science by using the best information available. Dr. Lanphear is constantly aspiring to improve care quality, reduce complexity, and grow the profession.

He has served on numerous local boards including leading the area physicians group which supports area doctors with regional and national support systems. He has been an advisor to Electronic Health Record groups and seeks to improve quality & access to health information while advocating for patient and provider rights. Lastly, he provides mentorship and guidance to younger physicians both locally and nationally as they pursue their medical careers and personal advancements.

Dr. Lanphear is looking forward to continuing to care for his patients while advancing the profession for all.