A year ago, COVID-19 (a novel coronavirus), was hardly a concern. Fast forward one year later and physicians at Newburyport Family Practice are doing their part in ensuring we diminish its impact on our lives once again.

After a record-breaking push by pharmaceutical giants, startups, government agencies, and even logistic providers, we now have a safe and extremely effective vaccine rolling out nationwide. Per CDC guidelines, front-line health workers – including our very own Dr. Lanphear and Dr. Freid – are among the first group of individuals eligible.

Both physicians received the vaccine on Saturday, January 9th without experiencing any side effects. On behalf of the entire Newburyport Family Practice staff, our physicians fully trust & believe in the utility and efficacy of the vaccination and recommend it to everyone who becomes eligible.

Dr. Lanphear receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the first wave
Dr. Freid receives her first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Both physicians look forward to recieving their second doses in just a few short weeks. They will quickly be joined by the rest of their colleagues at Newburyport Family Practice who will also be reciving their vaccines within the coming days.

The offices remain open with continued health & safety measures in place. Please feel confident in your ability to remain healthy while visiting us in person for your routine medical services. We look forward to seeing you soon.