For many of us, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle has been hard during the coronavirus pandemic. With 2020 throwing one curveball after another toward us, exercise has quickly made its way pretty low on the priorities list. Just because our local gyms are closed, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find ways to make movement a part of our daily routine.

How much Exercise Do You Need?

The current recommendations for adults are to try for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity every week. It’s also important to remember that some movement is better than none during these periods of fear and uncertainty. Even if you can’t commit to around 30 minutes of movement per day, a walk around the block will help stretch your legs, clear your mind, and hopefully motivate you to walk a little further the following day. If you have a fitness device such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch, challenge your friends to stay motivated and hit your daily goals. Turning exercise into a social activity can be hugely engaging and rewarding.

Quick Facts

  • Exercise helps boost the immune system.
  • Exercise is known to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise promotes better sleeping patterns.

Need some inspiration on how to get moving? Check out our tips below for staying active. Regardless of the pandemic, these activities are fun ways to get your blood pumping.

Take a Hike at Maudslay State Park

Maudslay is one of the best places in Newburyport to get some much-needed outdoor exercise. If you’re itching to get out of the house, going on a socially-distanced hike at Maudslay State Park will do the trick. You can walk, bike, hike or stroll through the 16 miles of trails through fields and check out the area’s scenic and historic sites. Be sure to stop and sniff the rhododendrons and azaleas if they are blooming!

Try a Virtual Workout Class

Keeping up an exercise routine during the last few months has been difficult. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys fitness classes, you’re probably missing the camaraderie and the gym’s atmosphere. Plenty of personal trainers and gyms around Massachusetts are offering virtual sessions and classes. While it’s not the same as going to Pilates with your favorite gym buddy, virtual classes help keep you accountable and give you a bit more of a social connection.

Tip: Planet Fitness has free online classes from Mon-Fri at 7 pm!

Exercise with Family

Turn your daily workouts into an opportunity for some family fun. Walks around the neighborhood, bike rides (the Newburyport Harborwalk Rail Trail is also kid-friendly), backyard soccer games, and living room yoga sessions are a couple of fun ideas you can do with your family.

Follow Along with Online Exercise Videos

Whether you enjoy barre, yoga, Pilates, strength training, or even cardio kickboxing, chances are you can find classes online. If your neighborhood gym isn’t hosting virtual sessions, plenty of other exercise studios around the state and country are! We love the Tone It Up Fitness App and doing a quick YouTube search to find the best workout.

Strategies for Staying Motivated

We get it, these unsettling times have made us want to turn to the cookie jar more often than put on our running shoes. It’s important not to beat yourself up or attempt to power through a workout if your drive is low. Instead, go slow, be kind to yourself, and set attainable goals. Once you pick a target, being accountable will help you accomplish it even if only to yourself.