Labor Day is the unofficially turning of the seasons. That summer dress you own – wear it while you can! That seersucker suit – same goes for you! But while your wardrobe choices might decline, your activities don’t have to. Stay active this fall with some of these fun fall activities:


Style points don’t matter here. Whether your blanket is checkered or plain, grab something to sit on and pack a basket full of fresh, handmade foods. Then take a walk to your nearest park – or even venture out into your back yard. The fresh air, good food, and some friendly company will slow down the everyday pace and help you reset.

Apple Picking

A traditional fall favorite, we thought we’d mention this one early as the orchards tend to fill up come October. Apples begin to ripen at the end of September, so mark your calendars for a weekend later this month to beat the crowds and have your pick at some of the freshest apples around. Not only will you come away with some fresh fruits, but you’ll also get your steps in on the hilly nearby orchards. You might even treat yourself to a cider donut after all that hard work – we won’t tell.


Now that the heat of summer is subsiding, it’s the perfect time to take on longer activities that may have been uncomfortable in the high heat. While we had many activities to chose from, we went with hiking as it requires a little bit of a planning. There are plenty of nearby trails or even some great mountains in New Hampshire that range from easy to more strenuous. There is a nearby option for everyone who wants to participate in this light ‘sport’ – even if you’re not a traditional sports enthusiast.

Make Something

We would be remiss without mentioning one of the oldest activities of all – building something. Labor Day is the celebration of the hard work and effort that goes into maintaining and creating the future of our great country. Go ahead and build something today! It could be a pinewood derby car, a bird house, or something more substantial like a new deck or piece Ikea furniture (good luck). Whatever you accomplish, take pride in your new creation.

Regardless of which activity you choose – share it with someone. We’d love to see you in action. Tag us in your photos with @NBPTFamily or #NBPTFamily.