Every last Monday of May, Americans gather to commemorate and honor military personnel. The citizens of Newburyport and the surrounding cities come together to celebrate and pay respects to our brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. The locals in Newburyport tend to flock over to the neighboring city of West Newbury for their annual Memorial Day Parade.

During the parade expect to be treated to a ceremony at City Hall around 11:00 am, as well as a memorial waterfront ceremony for fallen members of the Coast Guard. Parade goers march to the waterfront to honor the lives of Navy veterans and Marine Merchant Sailors. The parade proceeds to the Veteran’s Cemetary for one final ceremony where the local scouts place a daisy on the graves of each Veteran.

The annual Memorial Day Parade commences from Elwell Square at 10:30 am and proceeds east on Maint Street to the Training Field and Town Hall. The locals from many of the small, greater Boston towns come together in perfect harmony to celebrate and honor the men and women who bravely gave their lives while serving in the U.S. military.

The day is a day for celebration, as opposed to a day of sorrow. Locals are kind to one another and always happy to share a helping hand. The residents here go big, and we mean big. With floats that will impress any parade goer, and the parade growing in size every year, this parade is not one to be missed. Prepare to be greeted by numerous school bands, classic cars, and Girl and Boy Scout troops, along with different clubs, state and local police officers, the sheriff, and local firefighters. Every year different people come to make speeches and pay their respects to our military personnel.

The atmosphere comes alive, friends and strangers gather for a common cause. There will be plenty of booths set up with fun activities for children of all ages, and come hungry. The local restaurants will have food for sale you’ll want to dive right into. Come clad in your best Americana gear, or whatever your heart desires and join the party. The parade welcomes all residents of the surrounding towns to join them on this special occasion. This one is worth taking a drive to, and don’t worry about parking, there is enough to accommodate all who wish to join.

After the parade, we suggest sticking around town and exploring downtown. If it’s nice out, which is always a toss-up living in Massachusettes, Plum Island is close by. Check out the beautiful island with native wild beach plum shrubs, which gave it the unique name. Although it may not be hot enough yet to set up your beach chairs or jump in the water, just looking at the beautiful scenery will be sure to perk up anyone’s day.