It’s that time of year again – the biggest showdown in football. And once again it is a matchup of the best (Patriots) against the rest (the Rams this year).

While we will all be rooting for another ring for Belichick and Brady, we might forget about those New Year’s resolutions we made last month. You know, the ones where we resolved to eat healthier this year? That could be a challenge if we are hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, but it’s not impossible! Healthy Super Bowl snacks do in fact exist, and can be delicious! Below are some ideas and links to recipes of snacks that we can stress-eat guilt free while cheering on the Pats:

Healthy Dips

Dips are probably the first game-day snack we think of. It’s easy to buy a jar of queso, then pour it in a bowl at home and chow down. But this isn’t the healthiest option for us. Check out this list of 7 Healthy Super Bowl dip recipes for some healthier ideas!

For an extra healthy snack, consider buying Lavash Bread made with Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat. Chop the flaxseed bread up into chip-sized chunks and place them in your oven until crispy. 

Our Favorite: Whipped Artichoke Dip



Is there anything that is more of a staple at a Super Bowl party other than wings? We don’t think so. But breaded wings, deep fried, and covered in high-sodium, high-fat, high-carb sauces definitely don’t fit in with our resolutions. Lucky for us, Fitness Magazine pulled together a list of 15 Guilt-Free Recipes for Chicken Wings. Take a look through these recipes for a healthy alternative to the standard hot wing.

 If you’re looking to be extra lean, consider buying skinless chicken breasts instead of wings and turn these recipes into tenders nice and easily. The added benefit of tenders – they’re kid friendly! 

Our Favorite: Baked Margarita Chicken Wings (shown at left)



Slightly more involved than chips and dip, but still a classic Super Bowl snack. Do healthy versions of nachos exist? Of course they do! Here’s another list of 15 Easy Ways to Make Healthier (and Totally Delicious) Nachos.

 Looking to take your health factor up a notch? Use flaxseed bread for chips and substitute pesky beef fats with lean turkey. Still miss the fat? Try adding on a little avocado as a healthy substitution. 

Our Favorite:  Greek Chicken Nachos



Sliders are another fan-favorite while watching football, but again can be pretty high in carbs. One easy way to reduce the carbs is to replace the bun with lettuce. That may sound boring, but check out this recipe for Turkey Sliders and see how to make a much healthier version of your favorite mini-burger.

As an added bonus, lettuce is not only healthier but also cheaper than most mini-buns. Try different types of lettuce for different flavors and add on a variety of sauces to create some unique burger flavors. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, making a homemade greek yogurt tzatziki can add a lot of flavor without adding many calories at all. Plus, it only uses 4 main ingredients making it quick and easy to cook up.

Our Favorite: Greek Turkey Sliders with tzatziki sauce and cucumbers on a spinach “roll”



Ice Cream

That’s right, ice cream! While this may not traditionally be a common Super Bowl snack, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Tom Brady’s avocado ice cream. What better day to honor his unique diet than when he’s playing in the championship game? Check out Tom Brady’s famous avocado ice cream recipe and test it out this Sunday (if you’re feeling brave).

Our Favorite: TB12


Go Pats!